git Cherry Pick

Git cherry-picking

Aah picking cherries! ❤️

I’m using git since I started using linux. Cherry-pick is one of those commands I do alot with git. Right now I’m preparing a new cherry and will pick it later. 😉

What’s cherry-pick?

According to man(1) git-cherry-pick:

Given one or more existing commits, apply the change each
one introduces, recording a new commit for each. This
requires your working tree to be clean (no modifications
from the HEAD commit).

You’re working on a git branch. And you want to introduce some new feature to your repository, but you aren’t sure if it will work or not yet. What will you do?

You create a new branch. Get your work done there. You can always rebase but what if you have only some commits you want to apply to master branch? Here cherry-pick is your friend.

Create a new branch

I’m doing all this to explain it to new git_comers. My website readers know that my site is a git repository.


So I’m on master branch. I’m going to create a new branch from this branch, checking out to it and start working.


Add files

You can see I have created a new branch and checked out to it. Wrote a new post which is shown as Untracked.

After adding some screenshots, I’m going to add them to my git repository.


I haven’t done with this post yet so I haven’t added it to index.

Commit changes

So now you’re ready to commit your changes. Add Untracked or modified files and commit them.


Commit them.


Remember to copy or remeber first 6 digits of the new commit or you can always get it by:

git log -n1 --format='%h'

NOTE: Run above code only on new branch. It will give you commit hash of the commit you just made in current checked out branch.

Checkout to master branch

So you have commits in new branch. Which you want to apply to your master branch. Checkout to master branch.



Hmm. Here we go. Now we want commit made in new branch applied into our master branch. You need to know the hash of the commit you made earlier into other branch.


Congrats! You just cherry-picked a new commit into your master branch from cherry branch.

Delete the temp branch

It is now safe to delete the new branch we made.


Feel free to ask more about advanced git topics. Enjoy cherry-picking! ❤️